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On behalf of UPDI company - my respectful greetings to all.

UPDI LLC has been working hard to implement an infrastructure project at Duqm Special Economic Zone in Al Wusta governorate, Sultanate of Oman.

Establishing the business of intermediate storages located in the Sultanate of Oman, the Global Distribution Hub Project is aimed to serve the needs of manufacturers and agriculture producers mostly in Asia, but also in Europe and US. Virtually, every business involved in the Global Trade between Asia and Europe/ East-Coast USA would benefit.

Our facilities will enable manufacturers to save on excessive warehousing rates and expenses in their home countries, while keeping the highest value of goods and products before those are delivered to end customers.

For many businesses an opportunity to ship our their products to a place where they are cared of – right after the products are made – would mean considerable savings.

Our services of changing the ownership promoting goods and products stored at UPDI facilities on the global Web-based trade platform; checking compliance with ISO, etc. will strengthen sustainability of the businesses themselves. This might be critically important, considering the economic hardships the World Economy is going through.

We are proud to contribute into diversification of the economy of the Sultanate of Oman; to integrate Oman deeper into the Global Trade by mapping the business of intermediate storages in Duqm; to provide additional impetus to the development of the Special Economic Zone.

To suggest more flexibility to Global Supply Chain and to deliver more opportunities for Omani citizens are the objectives of UPDI.

We invite every interested individual or business entity to share the benefits of our innovative ideas of intermediate storage systems.

Thank you.

Salim Al Wardi


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