Our Mission

The UPDI LLC strategy is based on assessment of realities of today’s global economy.

The dramatic fall of prices on oil/natural gas market makes mandatory for many businesses to diversify their activities. What appeared to be “good to have” turned into “survival mode.”

The suggested project (along with others in development) is completely irrelevant to excavation of hydrocarbons. UPDI’s strategy is related to integration into the World Trade and optimization of the Global Supply Chain.

  • UPDI provides opportunitiesfor manufacturers and agriculture producers to reduce their inevitable expenses in their attempts of keeping the value of goods and products by shipping out manufactured products to our intermediate storage complex in Oman.
  • Keeping the manufactured and produced products at our facilities in Duqm opens opportunities for manufacturers and agriculture producers to dramatically decrease expenses for maintaining warehouses.
  • Storing goods and products at our intermediate facilities makes possible to utilize land presently used for warehouses for taking other business opportunities – or to reduce rental expenses.
  • Keeping goods and products at UPDI Complex in Duqm makes the delivery to end customers faster as the company implements alternative shipping policy based on “point-to-point” bases instead of time-consuming consolidation and shipment via giant mega-ports.
  • UPDI activities generate more employment for Omani citizens; contributes into development of the Duqm Special Economic Zone, Al Wusta governorate and the Sultanate of Oman.

Our Mission is to make businesses of manufacturers more viable and sustainable, while expanding the presence of Oman in the World Trade.

UPDI is fully committed to the objectives presented.

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